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Progress Report v.1 (SPROJCT Requirement)

Tasked with the final project of making an exhibit on how we can relate communication to something that is totally far off when we hear the word per se, the thought of incorporating clothing or fashion came into mind.

When I was younger, I never cared how I looked like in front of anyone. People used to tell me to dress up or dress down (depending on the occasion) but I didn’t really listen. When I stepped foot in college, little did I realize that how we dress can actually express what we really want to say.

In line with this, I have decided to do an exhibit on how clothing can communicate what we really want to say. Thus the title:

"What your clothing communicates about you."

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🎥👌 (at Home)

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thats what i was gonna say^

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So… mom made these mouthwatering cupcakes today. This is the reason why I’m getting fat. BUT they are undeniably delicious.

Did I mention that she’s selling them for P45.00 each? PM me on Facebook or text me at 09261751630 if you want to order ♥

Support my mom. Hihi. ☺ (at Laguna)

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i can’t handle the bald guy he doesn’t even try

oh my god it’s back

it’s like the sunglasses got in touch with its inner boomerang 

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Lightning Strike via nastol

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Funny Stuff you like?

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Funny Stuff you like?

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